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Luz Marina Lopez  Psychotherapist
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
A Clinician & Court Testifier

As A Trained Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy®, I use this Revolutionary, Integrative and Gentle Approach to Promote   Healing and True Transformation from the Inside, Out. 

My Dearest Guest,      

Welcome to my site! Chances are that you are here because you are either looking for therapeutic support for yourself or for someone you care about. Either way, I am grateful for your time and consideration. Let me tell you a little bit about why I do what I do: I am on a mission to be transformative in the lives of those I encounter. I trust the power of collaboration, I believe in the innate abilities of every person I have the privilege to work with, and I intend to make a shift in the way a person feels. Every time.

I am passionate about my work; holding myself to the highest standards, and letting your results be the barometer for which I evaluate my skills and abilities. I believe that people are not choosing their thoughts or emotions; therefore, it takes a unique set of skills and abilities to communicate with the parts of the mind responsible for thoughts, emotions, and sensations. While this may seem complex, it is possible with the right training and skills.

My extensive training provides me with invaluable insight into how to make these changes possible. People who meet with me usually report being engaged in a conversation and surprised to find that the way they feel has been transformed. This is always my goal. I encourage you to read about my therapeutic modality and to search my site to learn more about my practice. For your convenience, you can find all the information you need about my therapeutic approach, costs, and scheduling options under the "About Me" section of this site. Choosing a therapist is an important decision, it is important that you do not make that decision now, but instead, wait until you know that my services would be the best choice for you. Feel free to reach out, should you have any questions. Thank you for your time. #MindClear

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